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"Discover the world with this 'Petit Voyage' Travel Journal with high-quality linen cover and traditional stitched binding. With 304 pages of hand-made 100g paper, you have plenty of space for your holiday experiences, personal travel notes and secret tips. Blank pages with a world map with time zones, two bookmarks, pen holder with Semikolon pencil and elastic closure.

Notebooks and Diaries

The Semikolon Uni range offers classic notebooks and diaries, which are still handmade
according to book binding tradition. This range is distinguished by the use of high-quality materials, from book-binding
linen and Efalin paper to hand-made paper. Get your ideas and notes down on beautiful paper!

  • Size: 10 x 14.4 cm

Petit Voyage siena

Item number: 357562
19,95 EUR
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