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Writing on finest paper (nur mobile)

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Accessories (nur mobile)

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Preserve your memories (nur mobile)

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Everything for your homeoffice (nur mobile)

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Make a gift! (nur mobile)

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Store your most valuable things (nur mobile)

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The Life in Your Years


The Life in Your Years

Can you remember what happened a year ago today? Or three or five years ago? This diary offers enough space on each page for 5 years of consecutive entries on the same calender day. It begins with a 5-year plan, a wish list and an overview of personal life goals. 

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Magazine File & Document Box

Working in style

Giving letters, documents and magazines a new home. Space for documents in A4 Format. 

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Notizbuch Classic

Notebook Classic

A true classic.

The design of the Classic Notebook is a study in clarity and minimalism. It offers a sensual writing experience for people with a passion for beauty. 

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you are what you keep.